Investment strategy

The objective of the Fund is to provide investors with attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long-term by investing in high-quality companies in the Asia ex Japan region

Investment strategy

The Investment Manager will initially target a concentrated portfolio of 30-50 securities domiciled in the Asia ex Japan region.

Securities are assessed against the following key criteria:

  • quality management and good corporate governance standards;
  • sound business model;
  • solid financial position; and
  • sufficient growth to justify a premium over the current price.

The Investment Manager will invest directly in listed securities and other investments, with an intention to provide investors with a portfolio of investments in markets including China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and other Asian countries.

The portfolio will be overweight countries and sectors which the Investment Team believe offer greater potential for higher risk-adjusted returns. The Investment Team will actively manage the risk profile of the Fund to provide Unitholders with an appropriate level of down side protection and upside gain as broader investor sentiment in the market fluctuates.

The investment process is conducted by the Investment Manager who coordinates with the Investment Team to assist with investment decisions.